Preparing Seafood


In our Preparing Seafood Section we have sought out videos on how to prepare seafood for cooking and on ways it can be cooked, as well as tasty seafood recipes and a selection of sauces that compliment them.

Whether you buy your fish and shellfish whole from the monger or already filleted or dressed, you’ll find the following videos helpful in making your meal a success. 



Prepare and Cook Seafood: 

This section is for both the adventurous, willing to start with anything from a whole fish or octopus to a live lobster, and for those who buy their fish already filleted. You will learn how to prepare fish and shellfish from start to finish, which parts to eat and which to discard, and how to present seafood.


Cooking Methods:

This section covers various ways to cook fish and shellfish, such as grilling, braising and poaching, as well as less well known methods like cooking en papillote.


Sauces for Seafood:

In this section you’ll find recipe videos on sauces that typically accompany fish and shellfish.  Feel free to recommend a sauce you think we should add to this list.